Year / Issue

Magazine Title Article Title
1987 February Studio Photography Application Slides
1987 May Studio Photography The Art of Commercial Success
1987 July Studio Photography Coping with Wet Weather Assignments
1987 October Studio Photography Location Portraiture
1987 December Studio Photography Product Photography
1988 April Studio Photography What’s in a Prop?
1988 May Studio Photography Coin Photography
1988 September  Studio Photography The Architectural Marketplace
1990 January Business Alabama  Memoranda + Statewide Digest
1990 February Business Alabama  Bowl Business (Bo Jackson Photo) + Memoranda
1990 March  Business Alabama  Regional Reports + Memoranda
1990 April Business Alabama  Henry Ford’s Alabama Plan
1990 April Business Alabama  Sea Changes in the Gulf Stream
1990 April Business Alabama  Regional Reports + Memoranda
1990 May Business Alabama  Cover Photo
1990 June Business Alabama  Spotlight: Decatur (multi-article feature)
1990 July Business Alabama  Alabama’s Rising Stars Under 40
1990 September Business Alabama  People Who Shape the City by Staff Writers Mary Margaret Kindall and Adrian Hoff
1990 October Business Alabama  Capital Restoration
1990 November Business Alabama  Southernized Conservative
1990 November Business Alabama  Spotlight: Prattville (multi-article feature)
1990 December Business Alabama  Finally, Concrete Plans at Chris Dobbins
1990 December Business Alabama  Full Steam Ahead for Two Mobile Maritime Companies
1990 December Business Alabama  Homeport: Boon or Boondoggle
1991 February Business Alabama  Kuwait, The State and Severance Taxes
1991 February Business Alabama  The Selling of Bo Jackson (Photo Only)
1991 April Business Alabama  Preaching Alabama to the World
1991 May Business Alabama  Four-Footed Fever
1991 June Business Alabama  Power Plays–10 Members of the Influential Elite (staff compilation Hoff, Ford and McPhail)
1991 July Business Alabama  Enlightening a Million Homes and Voters Too
1991 August Business Alabama  Bearing the Torch in Gloomy Times
1991 October Business Alabama  Four Strategies to Meet the Prison Niche
1991 October Business Alabama  TVA Hangs Up Its Hammer
1991 December Business Alabama  Fairfield Shows Its Metal
1993 November Business Alabama  Staking Their Claim
1994 March Business Alabama  Gambling: Waiting in the Wings
1994 April The Business Post (Atlanta) Mitsubishi Move Almost Unnoticed in Norcross
1994 May Business Alabama  New Markets for Old Industries (Hawkins, Hoff & Kelly)
1994 May The Business Post (Atlanta) Rock-Tenn Offers Liquidity, Access to Markets
1994 June The Business Post (Atlanta) Builders “Steel” Themselves for New Trend in Housing
1994 June The Business Post (Atlanta) Motorola Moving into Gwinnett County — With Confidence
1994 June The Business Post (Atlanta) Quick Start Jump Starts Georgia’s Workforce
1994 July The Business Post (Atlanta) Spec. Buildings Get a Big Boost in Gwinnett County
1994 July - Aug. Business Alabama  Memoranda: Banking on Alabama
1994 September Business Alabama  Memoranda: Fish Story
1994 September Business Alabama  Minority Business: The Next Generation (Spencer, Gates & Hoff)
1994 September Business Alabama  Sportsman’s Paradise
1994 October Business Alabama  Memoranda:High Flying Fly Fishing
1995 January Business Alabama  Memoranda: Sikes Alive
1995 February Business Alabama  Spotlight: Marion County
1995 July Business Alabama  1995-96 Alabama Industrial Site Directory, Special Issue
1995 September Business Alabama  Spotlight: Auburn, Opelike & Lee County (30-page multi-article special section)
1995 October Business Alabama  Landmark Designs: Big and Fast  - Hoover HS (multi-article special section)
1995 November Business Alabama  Spotlight: Gadsden & Etowah County (multi-article special section) 
1996 March Business Alabama  Spotlight: Chambers County (multi-article special section) 
1996 July Business Alabama  Alabama Contract Puts U.S. Back in the Shipbuilding Business
1996 August Mobile Bay Monthly Shipbuilding Splash
1997 July Mobile Bay Monthly Hot Rods: Tim Harrison’s Custom Blue Water Rods
1997 July Business Alabama  Piney Woods Xanadu
1997 August Mobile Bay Monthly Piney Woods Xanadu (Business Alabama article re-printed in Mobile Bay Monthly)
2012 Alabama Advantage 2012 Cover Photo
2014 April Business Alabama Born to Build Guitars
2014 November Business Alabama Long Life of Nuclear Harm
2015 August Business Alabama An Economic History of Family Farming
2015 November Business Alabama Metallurgical Reimagining